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Unique Differentiation, A DNA Analogy

What does it mean to imbed unique DNA in all aspects of your business? Let’s take a scientific approach to brand differentiation and use a DNA analogy: Naturally, as humans, we are all unique. Our bodies are made up of innumerable cells—each with a nucleus containing valuable genetic information. DNA exists in the TINIEST nucleus of these cells. So, what defines …

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Examples of Extraordinary Companies

Extraordinary companies typically begin with an extraordinary visionary, who then attracts extraordinary followers—employees and clientelle alike. These two examples are no exception. It is my hunch that each of these visionary companies have a set of core values that are unchanging and a core purpose that fuels everything they do—the FOUNDATION needed for becoming extraordinary.  #1 TOMS SHOES TOMS “Presumed” Powerful …

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Differentiation Through Positioning

Differentiation Through Positioning Too often, clients come to me with a particular marketing project in mind and a wonderful vision of success. The good news is that they have this wonderful vision of success. The bad news is that they attribute this vision of success to nothing other than the tactical implementation of something marketing-related—a flyer, a brochure, or website, …

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The Value to Companies of Being Extraordinary

Competitive differentiation is about embedding your unique DNA in everything you do. Today, we have more choices for products and services than ever before. But these choices feel more like the same. And, companies keep blurring the lines more by emphasizing the same competitive features, “More, Better, Faster, New Improved”. We as consumers are left more confused as ever before…When …

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Why Sales-Led Organizations Are Putting Themselves at Risk

A financial or sales-led organization is primarily focused on acquisition, price, costs, gross margin, revenue and market share. Why are these organizations at risk? Because in today’s buyer-driven market they can’t afford to be inwardly focused. The marketing climate has changed. Customers are now in the driving seat. They have the control because they have access to information. They are …

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Is it in your company’s DNA to be Extraordinary?

Is your organization openly passionate about its customers and its business? Are your customers consistently referring you new business? Do you receive at least one communication a month from customers who pour out affection for you or someone in your company? Are your employees motivated and engaged? Does your staff show pride in your products or services? If you’ve answered …

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