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Unique Differentiation, A DNA Analogy

What does it mean to imbed unique DNA in all aspects of your business? Let’s take a scientific approach to brand differentiation and use a DNA analogy: Naturally, as humans, we are all unique. Our bodies are made up of innumerable cells—each with a nucleus containing valuable genetic information. DNA exists in the TINIEST nucleus of these cells. So, what defines …

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A Valuable Lesson in Customer Service & Cultural Alignment: Avoid Making this Mistake

My experience started out with a vision and a great idea! I decided to print unique, plastic business cards because I wanted to make a powerful statement. I needed something unique that would reinforce what my business stands for (imbedding unique DNA in all aspects of a company’s business). So, I started a Google search, like 90% of Internet users …

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Are Your Policies Creating Bad Customer Experiences?

I went to Target the other day to return a pair of boys tennis shoes whose soles started separating from the bottom of the shoes after 10 days of use. The first thing out of the mouth of the Customer Service Representative AND the Store Manager was “It’s not our policy to take back used items”. Hum, good experience or …

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