iMarc Consulting Process Chart

Phase I. iDENTIFY your unique DNA

We will help you:

  • Discover who you are as a business and what you are passionate about
  • Define your purpose through the exercise of identifying your mission, vision and values
  • Narrow your focus on a clearly defined target audience
  • Understand your target audience explicitly by building a robust customer profile
  • Build a foundation for producing relevant, personalized communications to your customers on a regular basis
  • Commit to a unique value proposition—your extraordinary differentiation

Phase II. iNVESTIGATE your reputations and “wow” factors

We will help you:

  • Dig deep into your customers’ specific challenges and opportunities
  • Test your positioning strategy against what your customers value about your products/services
  • Ensure your company’s reputation is in alignment with your core message of distinction
  • Collect testimonials and produce case studies from your raving fans

Phase III. iNTEGRATE your unique DNA in all aspects of your business

We will help you:

  • Ensure that your core marketing message and your Identity Elements (logos, brochure, presentations, website, etc.) are all cohesively aligned and effectively engage your target audience
  • Put your strategy into action by creating a marketing plan for you (to include the company’s purpose, Market Description, Remarkable Difference, Core Branding Elements, Marketing Materials, Web Plan, Social Media Plan, Lead Generation Plan, Referral Strategy, etc.)
  • Produce marketing materials for all steps of your customers’ sales cycle (offering our design and copywriting services)
  • Engage, inspire and motivate staff

Phase IV. iMBED an ongoing process to effectively manage your brand

We will help you:

  • Put measurement processes in place, effectively managing what your customers see, feel and expect when they choose your brand
  • Make customer satisfaction a success metric
  • Systemize your marketing program (whether through web, social media, direct mail, email, etc.)