• Is your organization openly passionate about its customers and its business?
  • Are your customers consistently referring you new business?
  • Do you receive at least one communication a month from customers who pour out affection for you or someone in your company?
  • Are your employees motivated and engaged?
  • Does your staff show pride in your products or services?

If you’ve answered “yes”  to any of these questions, you deserve a HUGE pat on the back and special recognition as one of the few businesses in the growing community who are effectively creating the most important building blocks of a company’s DNA.

Now the question is, “Are you maximizing the value of your extraordinary differentiation?” In other words, “Is your unique DNA imbedded in all aspects of your business?”

If you are not sure, consider the value you receive by creating authentic, sustainable customer engagements through extraordinary DNA:

  • Create a steady flow of leads
  • Increase sales
  • Reduce operating expenses
  • Increase employee morale
  • Sustain growth in this new, buyer-driven market

Truly imbedding your unique DNA in all aspects of your business is the only way to compete in this market. You can’t slap on a tag line or invest in a series of ads. It requires taking an introspective look at your business and finding the passion you had when you started (if it is lost).

Once you become re-energized by your passion, use it to engage, inspire and motivate your staff and your customers. Passion spreads. It inspires change and innovation. It creates long-lasting relationships with loyal customers. Are you truly customer-centered? Are you measuring customer satisfaction, listening to what your customers are saying about you and doing all that you can to service their evolving needs? Are you creating differentiation that is slightly risky, not comfortable? If you are, I welcome you to reach out and share with me your successes. Because it is people like you who enrich our lives and inspire greatness.