iMarc Consulting helps small businesses iDENTIFY and iMBED their unique DNA in all aspects of their business.

We seek out kindred spirits—those rare individuals who are outwardly successful, authentic in their focus and passionate about their customers. Although these successful business owners welcome change and curiosity as a part of their genetic makeup, they are finding it difficult to grow their business beyond its current market share due to increased competition and the changing marketing climate.

iMarc Consulting offers these rare individuals a unique solution.

We provide one-on-one strategy development, project management and creative execution, at a fourth of the cost of hiring a full-time marketing director or advertising agency. We guide you through a process of imbedding your unique DNA in all aspects of your business so marketing becomes easy, affordable, FUN and effective. Of course, the real benefit you derive is:

  • A steady flow of leads
  • Increased sales
  • Reduced operating expenses
  • Increased employee morale
  • Sustained growth in this new, buyer-driven market

You won’t be charged high agency fees. You won’t be asked to read a book or take an online training course to walk you through the process yourself. You also won’t be given a time restriction with a live person to ask questions. Instead, you will receive direct strategic advice and creative direction from an experienced marketing professional (and their associated strategic partners) who will act as your marketing director with you and for you, throughout the length of your contract. With the going rate of a full-time marketing director averaging over $150,000/year, that’s quite a savings for a considerable amount of value.

Of course, we also offer our services  á la carte, but our greatest value lies in our ability to take you through the entire process of igniting your passions, identifying your unique differentiation through research and discovery, strategically integrating your extraordinary DNA throughout your organization, and imbedding an ongoing process to effectively manage your brand.

Our list of services include:

  • Content development/copywriting services
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design
  • Ideation
  • Strategy and Implementation
  • Program Management
  • Editing Services
  • Video Production
  • Social Media Integration
  • Logo design, redesign or modification
  • Tracking and Measurement Processes

Learn how we begin the process of iDENTIFYING your unique DNA now.

Interested in taking an interim step, without committing to the entire process just yet?

Take advantage of iMarc Consulting’s DNA Strategy Session™ that will outline recommendations for:

  • Identifying your best customers and how to reach them
  • Communicating your company’s purpose in a way that clearly demonstrates the benefit of doing business with your firm
  • Generating a steady stream of new business from referrals
  • Building a company website that integrates and connects all of your marketing communication and education
  • Effectively leading prospects through to a sale
  • Working from a strategic plan that is driven by customer insights
  • And, much more

For just $995 you will receive a thorough assessment outlining recommendations for your critical next steps to becoming extraordinary! (We’ll help identify your strategic, tactical and creative needs).

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