What does it mean to imbed unique DNA in all aspects of your business?

Unique DNALet’s take a scientific approach to brand differentiation and use a DNA analogy:

Naturally, as humans, we are all unique. Our bodies are made up of innumerable cells—each with a nucleus containing valuable genetic information. DNA exists in the TINIEST nucleus of these cells. So, what defines us and sets us apart are the SMALLEST DETAILS found in the nucleus of our cells and how they are sequenced.

Applying this concept to business, it’s equally important to identify the TINIEST OF DETAILS found in the center of an organization and how they are sequenced. Within these details are answers to an owner’s prideful passion in its original business plan, an industry challenge or unfilled need, and a clear understanding of what customers value most about its products/services. By uncovering such details, you develop a basis for a sequence (or marketing plan) to attract “like” customers to your business.

An effective marketing strategy built from your unique DNA will help you exploit what you do best to people who value what you offer the most. You end up using your natural, authentic strengths to build your business and set yourself apart from your competition—the true power of effective marketing.

We have hundreds of competitors in our industries vying for the same customer. Where we do ourselves a disservice is not making it clear to our ideal customer why they should be choosing us over our competitors. Without that clarity, we’re giving our potential customers too many choices.

There should be ONE clear decision to make…to Choose YOU based on the unique VALUE you offer—based on YOUR Unique DNA.

If there is anything that resonates with you today, I hope that it is the important message that marketing isn’t about “making things look pretty”. It is not simply brochures, advertising and social media, although these tactics are important in strategy development.

Marketing is the experience you give the world when your messages and actions are all in alignment with your greatest strengths.

How are you imbedding your unique DNA in all aspects of your business? We welcome you to share your success stories.