Passion is what drives a pancreatic doctor to say “You’re not going down on my watch!”

Passion is what motivates a business owner and her development team to stay up until 4AM to honor a client commitment to launch their website by 6AM.

Passion is what inspires a New York Mets pitcher to deliver the franchise’s first-ever no-hitter

Passion is not to be confused to mean someone who is “excited” or one who has a “positive attitude”. Passion, described according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, means:

“intense, driving, or overmastering feeling or conviction; or a strong liking or desire for or devotion to some activity, object or concept.”

Now, that’s the kind of passion I’m talking about.

As a consumer, if I am the object of a business owner’s passion, I am made to feel special, understood and engaged with the company’s product or service. If the business owner or staff have a strong liking or desire to create for me a remarkable customer experience or sell me a reliable, quality product, I’m going to feel that passion. It’s going to make me feel good and I’m going to want to come back for more.

Without that passion, the experience is less than thrilling, and in some cases damaging. Take for example, my experience at a winery near Marblemount, WA.

We had just come off of a “Wine Tasting River Rafting Trip.” The person behind the counter looked and acted less than enthused to be there. She didn’t talk to us about the grapes or the flavors that could be found in the wine…she just poured each taster into a glass – acting disinterested and even expressed her dissatisfaction of being associated with the rafting trip (a separate marketing issue to be addressed altogether—the repercussions of false advertising).

At that moment, I felt compelled to tell her how important PASSION is in the overall success of her business. Instantly, her salesmanship, or lack thereof, had negatively influenced my anticipation of how the wine would taste in my mouth. Instead of brimming with excitement and anticipation of exploding flavors hitting my mouth, I was given no history, no guidance, no reason to buy. Even if I had liked the wine, the experience left a bad taste in my mouth—no pun intended. And, I made an instant decision to never come back.

What if the experience had been different?

Would the intense, driving feeling or conviction that radiated the room compelled me to make a purchase?


Think about the customer experiences you are creating everyday. Do your customers feel the devotion you have for the product or service you’re selling? If they do, they’re sharing wonderful stories about you, they are sending you referrals and becoming raving fans.

If your customers don’t feel your devotion, now is a good time to take an introspective look at how to bring that passion to life, because passion is not just a nice perk, it makes all the difference.

Your thoughts and comments are appreciated. Please share your experiences with passion.