A financial or sales-led organization is primarily focused on acquisition, price, costs, gross margin, revenue and market share. Why are these organizations at risk? Because in today’s buyer-driven market they can’t afford to be inwardly focused.

The marketing climate has changed. Customers are now in the driving seat. They have the control because they have access to information. They are thoroughly researching every subject matter, and every product or service that meets their needs before they come into contact with a sales representative. They are now accustomed to getting the information they want, when they want it, and wherever they want it.

As a result, the old school world of asymmetrical communications, i.e., of top down, “command and control” programs, where companies push out messages in one direction, with and through various media channels, are no longer as effective.

In order to adjust to this new marketing climate, companies need to be outwardly focused. They need a strong sense of purpose and a powerful vision, one that management, staff and clients are emotionally charged about. This passion stems from an authentic focus on building customer satisfaction, continuous value and unique experiences. Why? Because passion spreads. It’s contagious, and it sustains growth.

Through passion and vision, we create tribes—groups of people connected to one another, connected to a leader and connected to an idea. As marketing genius Seth Godin states, “Marketing used to be about advertising, and advertising is expensive. Today, marketing is about engaging with the tribe and delivering products and services with stories that spread.”

People are out there seeking an emotional connection with a brand—and ignoring the ones that aren’t. Once they do connect, they are more likely to share their experiences and come back for more.

There are a growing number of competitors in every industry, many that are starting off with the right focus. Can your company afford to be ignored or overlooked?

Your customers are gravitating to the companies who stand out by providing them with value, giving them solutions to their challenges and making it easy to do business with them. How can companies create remarkable customer experiences by being inwardly focused on price, costs, and acquisition?

I’m anxious to hear what you think. Will sales-led organizations survive? Give me something to think about.